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Please keep clean the beaches of Skopelos island


There are no words to describe the beaches of Skopelos. They are numerous and all are wonderful, all hidden in the greenery and touching the crystal clear waters. We will only mention some of which are accessible from the mainland.We are particularly proud of the crystal clear seas of Skopelos and its bathingwater quality.

This is not to be said by us but, as well as, from  independent global organizations like “WaterWatch”. Please click on the: and print: Skopelos Island Greece, in the Searching Bar. You’ll realize that all Skopelos beaches are classified as “Excellent”.

Velanio Beach

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Velanio beach (next to Stafylos Beach) is officially characterized by the Municipality of Skopelos (Resolution 69212/2012) as a nudist beach – naturist beach. Here you can let the naturist in you out and enjoy some bathing in the nude. 

Stafylos Beach

Just 4 kilometres from Chora you will find one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It has wonderful, clear waters, cliffs for diving, a large beach and caves to explore. Once you are done swimming, stay there to enjoy a magnificent sunset. Here you will find bars and taverns.

Agnondas Beach

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This is a picturesque bay surrounded by pine trees, with a pebble beach and deep green waters. It took its name from the Peparithian (the ancient name of Skopelos) Olympian champion Agnontas.

Limnonari Beach

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The beach is accessed up to a point by car, after that a short walk will get you there. It has fine sand, crystal clear waters and a picturesque tavern.

Panormos Beach

Located about 15 kilometres from the town called Chora (or Hora) is the beach of Panormos which is surrounded by pine trees. Crystal clear turquoise waters that quickly deepen, the stunning natural beauty and views of the little harbour Blo, to one of the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see, create a perfect painting of Panormos.

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Milia Beach

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This is an organized beach with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is about 18 kilometres from the Chora an is the favourite of the younger generation with beach parties that last until sunrise.

Kastani or Mama Mia Beach

This is where scenes from the movie "Mama Mia" were shot. This is one more exquisite beach surrounded by pine trees, with lovely sea and sand which in places alternates with pebbles. This beach gathers numerous people. 

Hovolo Beach

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Although this beach has lovely soft fine sand, delightful swimming and great views, it is not as well known as many of the other sandy beaches on the island. Its slightly more difficult access acts as a deterrent: to get there you will need to walk along the stony beach to the left of Elios village, and if the sea is high, you may need to wade through the shallows for a very short distance. There are no facilities here (ie sunumbrellas/refreshments) but the tavernas and supermarkets of Elios are a short distance away.

Karkatzouna Beach

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This is a very quiet pebble beach even during the high season, just 19 km from Skopelos Chora and 500 mtr from Elios Village. Clear waters and shadows from trees It is accessed from the main road by foot path.

Armenopetra Beach

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Armenopetra is a beautiful and unspoilt beach that is possibly unknown to most visitors. It is located 25km from Skopelos Town, between the villages Palio and Neo Klima. It stretches for many meters and when there is no wind, it is a calm place with splendid blue waters. Moreover, it is ideal to enjoy some privacy. There are no umbrellas and sundecks. Within a short distance of 3km, you will reach Glossa. The road to access the beach is quite narrow and winding.

Sarres Beach

sarres beach skopelos island,

Google map coordinates :+39° 7' 46.60", +23° 44' 53.29"


These beaches are two bays, almost out of the port of Chora Skopelos, with northern orientation. Almost deserted, with sea birds and completely natural. Reached only by boat. The cave that separates one side of the beach from  the other, creates a unique scene. Unsuitable for swimming when blowing northern winds.


Aghios Konstantinos Beach



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This is the closest beach to the town of Skopelos, if you use your own vehicle, or decide to reach it on foot, at a distance of 2,5 kilometres. The beach is pebbly and sandy.  In the area there is a traditional tavern, run by Mrs. STELLA, who makes perhaps the best cheese pie in the island.


Glyfoneri and Glisteri Beaches

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  • glisteri-paralia-skopelos-femalecity-1.jpg
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  • glysteripanorama.jpg

The two tiny beaches are located to the north-west of Skopelos and are very quiet. The cave Tripiti is near Glisteri and you can visit it by hired boat, this is a trip that should not be missed.

Ai Giannis Beach

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These are two small sandy beaches with really wonderful waters. From the one beach there are stairs leading to the chapel of Ai Giannis (St. John) in the castle where the "marriage" of the movie "Mama Mia" took place.

Aggeletou Beach

Google map coordinates: 39° 11' 48.75" N  23° 36' 55.95" E

It is found 400 mtr south to Perivoliou Beach. Follow the road south from Perivoliou. It is hidden and difficult to get down to but it is beautiful. Best approach by sea. Wavy when wind blows from North.

Kanalaki or Pethamenis Beach

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Google map coordinates: 39° 11' 39.17" N  23° 37' 27.16" E


Of the most secluded beaches. Located far away from the capital and 4.5 km away from Glossa. Has north-eastern orientation and someone arrives at this through a non asphalt road. It’s pebbly with little-fine pebbles.

Perivoliou Beach

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This is a quiet beach located 28 kilometres from Chora with lots of shade cast by large rocks. It has a mixture of sand and pebbles and access is best by motorbike because the road is very narrow.


The beaches and Coastline of Skopelos

A happy accident of geology has given Skopelos both sandy and pebble beaches, with most of the latter shelving almost immediately into firm, clear sand, while remoter points offer more energetic swimming from and around rocky outcrops. The island’s shape – it has been compared variously to a saxophone, an axe, and a boomerang – and its interaction with prevailing tides, currents and winds have produced its sometimes unapproachable coastline.

Its roughly north-west to south-east alignment and mountainous terrain have rendered much of the north-facing coastline inhospitable cliff, with its few beaches, such as Glifoneri, Glisteri and the eastern shore of Skopelos Bay, tucked into inlets or bays below protective hills.

The island’s estimated sixty-plus miles of beach, from the long, wide strands of Kastani and Milia to the tiniest beach-for-two hidden between rocks, are still unspoilt, and even though the larger beaches are busy in high season, they all remain as pristine as they were over half a century ago.

All of the popular beaches are shallow, safe and free of currents, ideal for families. Stafilos is said to be perfectly situated to become the warmest swimming spot early in the season, while Agnondas is very popular among island families at weekends. Open-sea beaches such as Kastani and Velanio are ideal for more experienced swimmers, but all share the same dazzling blue water that has become the island trademark.

Swimming in crystal clear waters

Its distance from industry and marine traffic has kept the seas around Skopelos among the cleanest and clearest in Mediterranean Sea. The waters off its estimated sixty-seven miles of coastline, some of which are only accessible by boat, with dense forest rising above low white limestone cliffs, have earned it the nickname of the “green on blue” island.

From the famous golden sands of Kastani (“Mama-Mia” beach) to Panormos, Milia and discreet, naturist-friendly, nudist beach Velanio, via the sheltered bays of Glysteri, Limnonari and Stafilos, and including innumerable tiny coves hidden along the rocky south and west coasts, Skopelos is a playground for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Activities at sea

With harbours at Skopelos, Loutraki and ELios, and safe moorings at Panormos and Agnondas, Skopelos attracts sailors of all abilities, from learners on a first flotilla holiday to solo round-the-worlders. One could also hire a kayak. The less energetic can hire day boats, sports, craft, or circumnavigate the island on a kaiki or glass-bottom boat.


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