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 agios ioannis kastri skopelos-history of skopelosThe Temple of Asklepios

On the south-eastern side of the island in the area of Ambeliki, there are preserved parts of a church dating from the 4th century, buildings, statues and inscriptions are items to be seen there.

The Acropolis and ruins of a Venetian fortress

In the area of the castle you will see ruins of a Venetian fortress, sections of the walls and parts of ancient Peparethos are preserved to this day. In the area you will also see surviving remnants of ancient temples of the goddess Athena, the patron protectress of the island and the god Dionysus.

The Archaeological site of Stafylos

At this site a tomb dating from the Mycenaean period and a sword with a gold handle was unearthed. The archaeological findings of the region show that the island was first inhabited in Mycenaean times.

Sendoukia (which means Chests)

Rock-hewn tombs of the Late Roman period situated at the mountain Karya.

The island's churches and monasteries are too numerous to mention. We do however suggest you visit the church of the "Zoodohou Pigis" (which means Life-Giving Spring), where the miracle working icon of Archangel Michael is housed, the "church of the Virgin Mary", the church of "Agios Giorgos tis Kyratsos" (St. George of Kyratso), the chuch of Theotokou (Annunciation) and the church of "Panagias tis Faneromenis" (the Revelation of Virgin Mary).

Do not miss the "Moni Evangelistrias" (the Monastery of Annunciation), built at a difficult to get to location in the canyon because of the fear of pirates of the time, the "Moni Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros" (Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour) whose founding seems to be placed somewhere between 16th and 17th centuries and the "Moni Timiou Prodromou" (Monastery of St. John the Baptist) which dates from the 17th century.


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