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Skopelos is a magical destination located in the northern Sporades. It lies between Skiathos island  and Alonissos island and is considered as the greenest island in the Aegean. Skopelos is officially named by the International Organism of Biopolitics as the “Green and Blue Island”. This is a small paradise only 96 square kilometers, with lush pine forests, olive groves, vineyards, plum trees and many other fruit trees, all encircled in the embrace of golden sandy beaches and the blue of the sky and sea. This place is blessed and has an ancient history. It was inhabited by Cretans (during the sea empire of Minos) who were led by their leader Stafilos, son of Dionysus, when the island was called Peparethos. It is not by chance then that the island in ancient times was known for its vines and wine (Peparethian wine) just as it is today.

The beaches of the island are simply wonderful. Hospitable natural coves with quiet bays, golden sand and pine trees reach all the way down to the sea, all these elements compose the idyllic image of the Skopelos coastline that stretches for 67 kilometers. Skopelos is the second largest island in the Sporades island cluster of Greece, after the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, but fortunately, much-less crowded than Skiathos, thus managing to maintain its special local character.  The infrastructure of the island is very good and capable of meeting the needs of large numbers of tourists. Hotels, organizedsandy beaches that allow for water sports, nightlife and fine restaurants provide a wide variety of options to all visitors of Skopelos. But the island is also ideal for those wanting privacy and seclusion at the hidden beaches and provides long walks through landscapes of unique beauty.

Skopelos is also called the “Mamma Mia” island as it inspired the Hollywood producers to shoot most of this famous film. The “Agios Ioannis at Kastri” little chapel hosted the reputable Wedding scene. The impressive rock is linked to the island through a narrow path with 110 steps carved into the stone. A small beach is formed right beneath the rock and it gets pretty crowded in summer.

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