Panormos, the most beautiful bay on the island

The Bay of Panos (named after the ancient god Pan) is located 15 kilometres southwest of Chora, in a landscape dense with pine trees. The area is home to the walls of the ancient acropolis of the island which has been preserved in very good condition. From the acropolis a path leading to the cave of Panos (Pan), where in ancient times rites were performed to worship the god.

Skopelos Architecture

The town of Skopelos was honored as a Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty (19/10/1978 Presidential Decree 594,13-11/78, signed by President of Greece Konstantinos Tsatsos). This is the Greek equivalent of a site of Outstanding Architectural Inheritance. The building code for new construction and renovation within the village reflects some restrictions due to the Traditional Settlement decree. Some restrictions stipulate that no new buildings shall be of more than two stories, there must be a sloped ceramic or stone roof in the traditional style, and doors, windows and balconies be made of wood.

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