Outdoor Activities


Skopelos is definitely a walker’s paradise. There are many interesting tracks and trails scattered over the island. Hiking is the best way to discover the extraordinary nature, the unique biodiversity and the many religious sites of Skopelos. In recent years, the hiking trails on the island have become more accessible and functional.

Skopelos Walks    |   (+30) 6945 249 328


The green and relatively small island of Skopelos is a paradise for cyclists. Cycling along the old roads is a great way to explore this enchanting island. As the trails can become bumpy and take you off the beaten track, the use of a mountain bike is recommended. Rigas Hotel is a certified Bike Friendly hotel, providing a wide range of services to bike enthusiasts who do not want to leave their favorite mean of transport behind during their vacations.

Skopelos Cycling   |  (+30) 6947 023 145 – (+30) 24240 22398


Explore remote beaches, rugged cliffs, sea caves and uninhabited islands. A short paddle along the coast and a stop on a deserted beach for a swim and a snack. Sea kayaking is the perfect way to explore every part of the island’s shore. Learn to kayak or improve your skills in the blue green waters of Skopelos.

Kayaking Skopelos   |   (+30) 697 429 9055 – (+30) 694 738 259


Scuba diving and snorkeling in Skopelos is a unique lifelong experience. The island has many underwater treasures and diving spots. Try underwater experiences with guided dives and snorkel tours.

Sporades Diving   |      (+30) 6940 448 000


Standup paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is a cross between canoeing and surfing, using a surf style board and a long paddle. It’s essentially the same technique as canoeing, except paddlers stand upright. The fact that SUP is a full-body aerobic exercise, while at the same time it’s a fun sport that everyone can practice it, regardless of age, weight, experience, etc., has made it very popular recently. SUP is a great way to explore the coastline of Skopelos island with its sheltered bays, secluded beaches, and impressive caves.

Sporades SUP   |   (+30) 6940 448 002 – (+30) 24240 22069