Skopelos Best Price Guarantee

At Spyrou Skopelos Experience we want to be sure that if you book through our Online Booking System, you always take advantage of the lowest price available on the internet. If you find our hotels at a lower price available online within 24 hours from the date of booking, we will undoubtedly adopt this price with an additional refund of € 20 per night.   Don’t forget to take a look at all of our Skopelos Deals for 2020 and make sure that you book your holidays at Skopelos at the most advantageous price!  


Terms and Conditions for our Skopelos Hotels Best Rate Guarantee

  The hotels’ Best Price Guarantee applies to bookings that meet the following terms and conditions:

  • Reservations must have been made through the Online Booking System of Spyrou Skopelos Experience by clicking the BOOK NOW button and subject to a confirmation number supplied when the booking is confirmed.
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies to the dates of stay equivalent to the dates of stay booked on the Spyrou Skopelos Experience Online Booking System.
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies to room types equivalent to the room types booked on the Spyrou Skopelos Experience Online Booking System.
  • Bookings must include a meal plan equivalent to the meal plan booked on the Spyrou Skopelos Experience Online Booking System (eg. Breakfast, Half Board, etc.).
  • Booking must have been made for the same number of adults and children (same child age).
  • The rate must be listed in the same currency to the one of the rate booked on the Spyrou Skopelos Experience Online Booking System.
  • Prices concern the same payment method (eg. credit card, bank transfer, etc).
  • The same cancellation policy must apply to both bookings (e.g., Non Refundable, Early Booking Discount, etc).
  • The price listed on the other website must be final and include all taxes, VAT, extra charges or commissions.
  • Should the difference between competitive prices and the price given through our online booking system is less than 1%, Skopelos Experience reserves the right to deny any claims.
  • Our Spyrou Hotels Best Price Guarantee concerns the total price of the reservation, not a part of it or certain days included in it.
  • A refund claim may be rejected if it is in a language that is not supported by us or is incomplete or concerns a collaborating website whose language is not supported by us. We officially support Greek and English.
  • You must submit your claim for the rate adoption as well as for the refund within 24 hours from the booking date and at least 48 hours before your arrival at the hotel at bookings@skopeloshotels.eu
  • Spyrou Skopelos Experience reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify or cancel this offer and the Terms and Conditions applicable to it at any time.


  The Best Price Guarantee is not provided for:

  • Prices that have not been published on the Internet
  • Special Promoting Offers and Deals
  • Secret prices or prices that are not accessible without a username and password.
  • Prices for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  • Package prices or rates that include accommodation, tickets, transfer, car rentals, day trips, etc.
  • Prices for group bookings


Submit a claim

In case you meet the above requirements and believe to be entitled to our Best Price Guarantee, please submit your claim filling out this form. 

Thank you, The Customer Support Team of Spyrou Skopelos Experience