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Discover a fascinating underwater world


The seabed of the Sporades hides incomparable beauty: natural reefs, uninhabited rocky islets, underwater caves, and wondrous ancient shipwrecks. Here is the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades, the first marine park in Greece and the largest protected marine area in Europe. It is part of the Natura 2000, the European network of protected areas, and several of its zones are free for diving, swimming, wildlife watching, and amateur photography. This unspoiled area of pristine beauty hosts the first Submarine Archaeological Museum of Greece, where visitors can admire the shipwreck of the island of Peristera, the oldest visitable shipwreck in the world.

“Spyrou Skopelos Experience” works together with the Diving Center of Skopelos, offering its guests the opportunity to make their first dives and discover the magical underwater world of Skopelos and the Sporades. With a little luck, you might have the opportunity to see up close the Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus, whose largest population in the world lives and reproduces in this area.

Skopelos Diving Center


Skopelos Diving Center was created by young people with a deep love for both the island and scuba diving. It is certified by PADI, the world’s largest scuba training organization, and has one base in Panormos on the southern side of the island and a second base on the northern side, in the port of Skopelos. With two speedboats and a professional 4×4, it organizes diving excursions by sea or land, diving training courses, snorkeling tours, and boat trips. All diving activities are supervised by experienced professional divers.

Discovering Scuba Diving
An introduction for beginners


There is nothing better than breathing underwater for the first time!

The popular introductory course “Discover Scuba Diving” (DSD) is for those with little or no diving experience. During the course, you will get familiar with the diving equipment in calm and shallow waters, so that you can safely begin exploring the underwater world.

To participate in the “Discover Scuba Diving” course:
– No previous diving experience is required
– All the necessary equipment is provided by us
– You will learn basic useful diving skills
– You will be trained and accompanied by a professional PADI diver
– You can take the training course either at sea or in a pool.
– “Discover Scuba Diving” (DSD) is the first step in your training to become a certified diver.

Skopelos Scuba Diving και Snorkeling στη Σκόπελο

Diving from the Shore

For this program, we recommend the beach of Panormos.

Number of participants: from 2 to 6 people
Minimum Age: 10 years old

Duration: about 2 hours

Special prices exclusively for all guests of “Spyrou Skopelos Experience”

The program consists of 20΄ of theory and at least 40΄ of diving.

Diving in a Swimming Pool

Diving in a swimming pool takes place at Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa.

Number of participants: from 3 to 8 people
Minimum Age: 8 years old

Duration: 1:00 – 1:30 hours

Special prices exclusively for all guests of “Spyrou Skopelos Experience”

The program consists of 10΄ of theory and at least 30΄ of diving.

The Hotels are not responsible for the organization, services and conditions of the services. All of the above as well as the participants’ safety are the responsibility of the service providers

Diving Safaris for Certified Divers


Are you a certified diver looking for unique diving spots and underwater experiences? “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” and the Skopelos Diving Center offer the opportunity of organized diving excursions either from Skopelos Town or from Panormos.

Divers of at least Level 2 can visit the impressive shipwreck “Christoforos” in the bay of Panormos, as well as the first underwater museum in Greece, the famous ancient shipwreck of the 5th century BC, off the islet of Peristera.


For a guided diving safari:
– You must be a certified diver (12+ years old).
– You will be accompanied and supported by a professional PADI diver.
– You can choose among one or two dives per day or a package of 5 to 10 dives for more days.
– All the necessary diving equipment is provided by us.
– You have an extra discount if you bring your own complete diving equipment.


For prices and more information on organized diving excursions please contact us by filling out the form below.

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