The award winning Folk Dances Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos” returns in a few days to the island of Skopelos!


A well-established festival on the island of Skopelos that unites bands and dancers from all over the world. A big celebration with more than 7500 spectators that will take place at the Open Municipal Theater from August 25th to August 27th. Along with a series of dance performances, dozens of seminars, workshops, guided tours, and exhibitions invite you to get acquainted with the island’s culture and rich tradition.

The Folk Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos” is organized by the Non-Profit Company “Plegma” in collaboration with the Region of Thessaly and has been awarded the Silver Tourist Award 2017 in the category of Festivals and the Silver Award at the Best City Award 2016 in the category of Culture. In addition, it has been the subject of research and studies for many Greek and foreign universities and has been presented as a case study in numerous scientific conferences.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience invites you to Skopelos, the beautiful and unique island of Sporades, to enjoy an unforgettable stay in its hotels and enjoy the traditional rhythms of the island.