Skopelos has some of the most stunning beaches in the Aegean. Tall pine trees surround crystal-clear, turquoise waters, creating a dreamy scenery, unique among the Greek islands. Many of them are accessible only by boat or hiking. Whatever you go for, Skopelos will definitely reward you.

Skopelos has both sandy and pebble beaches. The shape of the island resembles that of a saxophone, an axe or a boomerang. The occasional tides, currents and winds have created an impressive 67 km long coastline.

Hovolo Beach


What are the nicest beaches in Skopelos?

Most beaches in Skopelos are easy to access, organized, safe and without strong currents. Even on the busiest beaches in August, the landscape retains its purity.


The northern part of Skopelos island

On the north side of the island, the “explorers of the sea” will be mesmerized by the impressive seabed. There you will find some of the most impressive beaches, like, Perivoliou, Hondrogiorgi, Agios Ioannis, Spilia, and Glisteri, small and inaccessible beaches that will nevertheless reward you with their crystal-clear waters and the tranquility they offer. The wild beauty of the landscape and the absence of human intervention offer unique opportunities for hiking trips, swimming and diving to adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

Agios Ioannis Kastri


The southern part of Skopelos island

The morphology of the island’s southern coastline is completely different: endless beaches, pine trees merging with the sea and a magnificent sunset. Many beaches here are organized and they are ideal for family vacations. For many, the first-rate beach in Skopelos is Milia, an exotic beach with fine pebbles, sand and transparent waters. The beach is surrounded by the green color of the pine trees that reach the beach.

Right next to Milia is Kastani beach. Of course, this one became famous by the movie “Mamma Mia!” If you do not want to use the beach bar parasols, make sure you have one with you because there is no shade in Kastani. A path that goes over the rocks between them connects Milia and Kastani.

Panormos and the entire  Blo Bay is the most magical thing the island has to offer; a natural haven, inhabited since ancient times. The absolute alternation of blue and green. The beach of Panormos features a Blue Flag® and is a heaven for water sports enthusiasts.

Hovolo beach, located by New Klima (Elios), attracts most ‘ascetic’ swimmers. The high rocks and its isolation, as a result of landslides, create the perfect conditions for mental relief.

Panormos Bay


Organized beaches of Skopelos island

Beaches with beach bars and sunbeds and umbrellas include Panormos, Elios, Milia, Kastani, Agnontas, Stafylos, Glisteri and Limnariari. Glyfoneri, which is right next to Skopelos Town, is ideal for a quick dive. One of the most beautiful beaches near Chora is Stafylos beach. Due to its location, it has generally the warmest waters for those starting their holiday early on.

Next to Stafylos is Velanio, a beach well-liked by naturists. To get to Velanio you have to cross Stafylos beach and climb up the path on the rock. It is easy to walk and the beach will reward you with its wild natural beauty.


Handy Tips – Where to Swim in Skopelos

When a north wind blows and the port of Scopelos Town is wavy, the northern beaches should be avoided. On these days, the western and southern beaches of the island would have perfectly calm waters for enjoyable swimming.


What is the sea temperature in Skopelos?



Temperature March April May
max 17℃ 19℃ 21℃
Average 16℃ 16℃ 19℃


Temperature June July August
max 25℃ 28℃ 29℃
Average 23℃ 26℃ 27℃


Temperature September October November
max 27℃ 25℃ 21℃
Average 26℃ 23℃ 20℃


Temperature December January February
max 19℃ 18℃ 17℃
Average 17℃ 16℃ 16℃