Birdwatching: What is it?  

Birdwatching, or birding, is the observing of birds, either as a recreational activity or as a form of citizen science.

Birdwatching is an activity well-known to many regions in the world. People have always been attracted to birds because of their ability to fly freely. Their harmonic voices, their colorful wings, the variable ways and places where they live and fly, have made people want to observe them. It is one of the most relaxing activities that one can enjoy in nature.

One factor that makes Birdwatching an amazing activity is that birds are very active. Some of them are endemic, flying above one region only, whereas others migrate from the one place to the other side of the world every spring and autumn. Even when observing a single tree, you may see different species visiting it each season. Through bird observation, one cultivates the environmental awareness as learns to respect and protect natural habitats.

Birdwatching at Skopelos and the Sporades Islands

In our country Greece, there are many spots ideal for Birdwatching. One of them is the Skopelos island. During your outdoor excursions in this enchanting island, you will see many species of birds accompanying you with their characteristic chirping. The large ash-black birds found everywhere are called hooded crows. They possess the color of the ash while their head, neck, breast, wings and tail are black.

Furthermore, in the surrounding outdoor areas near Chora (Town of Skopelos), Glossa and Palio Klima, you may meet the well-known Eleonora’s falcons. This is a migrating species coming to the Mediterranean region in order to breed. In uninhabited mountainous areas, mainly in the Northern side of Skopelos, you could even observe eagles and vultures too.

Another category of birds that could be spotted in shallow waters near the beaches of Chora and specifically behind the chapel of Saint Riginos are the Wetland Birds. They are characterized by their long, tall feet as well as their long beak. Additionally, at night you will surely hear the characteristic sound of the horned-owl and the Eurasian scops owl, a small kind of owl.



Birdwatching can be a simple type of recreation. More than that, an observer can also pass to the next stage, that of identifying and recording observed species.  It is important to turn our attention to them and give ourselves the time to thoroughly observe them.

Look up, learn to listen, pay attention to their beak, think about what they do, learn their behaviors and let the nature enchant you!

Skopelos Island is waiting you!