Most people love to spend their Christmas days in the cities, with their bustling shops and festive decorations … But have you ever wondered what it is like to celebrate Christmas on a Greek island?

Christmas in Skopelos is very special. During this time, the pace of life slows down and the festive days have a strong traditional element. The streets and houses of the island are decorated with Christmas lights, creating a joyful atmosphere. The scents of homemade traditional Christmas sweets such as melomakarona and kourambiedes fill the streets. On Christmas Eve, children wake up early in the morning to sing carols.

During this time of the year, many events take place like the main Christmas bazaar and events of traditional dances events.


Winter Activities in Skopelos


Nature lovers can follow numerous hiking and trekking routes through the breathtaking nature of Skopelos. The Steki in Rigas Hotel is the perfect evening hangout where you can enjoy one of our 22 distinctive infusions. Mountain biking is also very popular in Skopelos, attracting the interest of organized groups and individual cyclists.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience Group’s Rigas Hotel is the only hotel of Spyrou Skopelos Experience that is open all year-round and invites you to the magnificent Skopelos for a unique Christmas holiday.

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