One of the multiple conditions that emerged due to the pandemic of Covid-19 was that of remote working, something that prompted more and more people to work at home as a new normality. Many workers chose to relocate to other regions, cities or even countries. They kept working with passion, though opening their laptop now at a beach or besides a ski resort. The remote work, combined with one’s need to live new experiences, brings the Digital Nomads era to the surface.

Remote Work

When we talk about remote work, we mean people working in a place totally different from a common office. Such places could be the employee’s home, a private office or any other location outside the conventional corporate offices.

The employees have the versatility to schedule their daily life in a way that professional and personal life are combined and co-exist together to the maximum degree. The long-term popularity of remote work is related to the advantages that can be offered, such as the decrease or elimination of travel time and increasing simultaneously the productivity.

Digital Nomads, who are they?

In a sense, Digital Nomads are the inevitable evolution of remote working culture. They are these people who live in a nomadic way- with no permanent place of residence for a long time – while working remotely, having as an integral part of their work a laptop and fast/reliable connection to internet.

Digital Nomads, their preferred destinations are places with low cost of life and natural beauty. Some Digital Nomads are perpetual travelers while others prefer traveling for a short period of time. Several Digital Nomads travel to a variety of countries whereas others prefer only one destination. In 2020, a survey ascertained that 10,9 million American employees described themselves as Digital Nomads, a 49% increase related to 2019.

Digital Nomads, a different way of life and work

Recognizing the importance and high contribution to their economic status due to the arrival of Digital Nomads, many countries have already begun adopting to the appropriate conditions in order to cover the needs of this new group of “travelers”. In this way, Greece, in January 2021, voted a legislative framework offering motives and incentives to people who want to relocate their professional activities to Greece, adjusting the terms and conditions in a way that will facilitate and make such a move feasible.

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