Hydroplanes in Skopelos Island and the Northern Sporades Islands? The time that everyone had been looking forward has already come! This summer 2022, despite the clouds on the international horizon, seems to be excellent for the beautiful islands of the Nothern Sporades. The upgrade of the ferries schedules and the hydroplane flights are major factors.   

For many years, the Sporades Islands had a disadvantage. They did not have easy access by ferry from Greece’s two major urban centers and the number of ferry routes was relatively low. However this year, the situation has greatly improved with the addition of new ships, the connection with more mainland ports, many connections between the islands and the debut of the famous hydroplanes flying above our island region. 

Hydroplanes: The “take-off” time is coming

The procedure of the project about hydroplanes may not have been totally completed, having struggled with many difficulties and been delayed due to the pandemic, but preparations have not stopped. The effort is great with clearly high goals, as hydroplanes in Greece are a groundbreaking means of transportation.

Given the government’s support for the waterway network development and the launch of hydroplane flights, the company “Hellenic Seaplanes – Hydroplanes of Greece S.A.” is preparing bold moves to be armed for the post – Covid 19 era, that will bring an air of change, modernization and innovation to the modes of transportation for the Greek and foreign passengers and tourists.

The CEO of “Hellenic Seaplanes – Hydroplanes of Greece SA”  Mr. Nikolas Charalampous told ANA-MPA that “it is our plan to start in the Sporades sometime in the beginning of June 2022. After having struggled with many difficulties on our way, the waterways in Volos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros have finally been licensed while in Skiathos we will fly to the JSI airport at a higher cost. It is optimistic that we have reached the point of planning our routes. We are going to fly daily from Volos port with two circular routes Volos-Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonnisos-Skyros-Volos on the one hand and with a daily morning route separately for each island on the other.”

Skopelos: Hydroplanes, Flights, Tickets, Routes | skopeloshotels.eu

Skopelos: Hydroplanes, Flights, Tickets, Routes | skopeloshotels.eu

Volos – Skopelos by hydroplane in only 20 minutes

Mr. Charalampous also stated that in the following months, his company will construct for final approval the waterways on both islands and will complete the waterway of Volos port so as the final licenses for their use be received. Initially, there are going to be 3 amphibious hydroplanes of 19 seats and it is estimated that from June 2022, at a cost of just 50 euros, the visitor and tourist will be from Volos to Skopelos in a record time of only 20 minutes. 

Flights to Skopelos Island: New Hydroplane Booking System

A new booking system for hydroplane flights is being developed by the Hellenic Seaplanes in cooperation with the applications and systems development company Certus Online. Now the passenger, the partner company and the travel agencies will be able to easily and quickly proceed to bookings with hydroplanes for scheduled flights to Skopelos Island or charter a flight to the destination of Skopelos Island for the period of their interest.

Hydroplanes, Flights, Tickets, Routes

Get ready! Machines are getting warm! Hydroplanes have features that make them a unique and quite practical means of transportation. The journey inside a small fuselage that can both fly and float, is capable of stealing the show during your holidays, offering the traveler a unique sense of freedom and carefree holidays, releasing them from the stress and the obligations of large airports and ports, with the view of unique seascapes.

Let’s welcome the new era in transportation!