Recycling nowadays is imperative for environmental protection. It is the obligation of every society and every citizen to improve their quality of life.

Useful materials such as paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, metals and wood must be exploited. Recycling and reusing them can save huge amounts of raw materials and energy.

But what are the benefits of recycling?


Environmental Protection

Recycling helps protect the environment from chemicals and hazardous substances. These substances can escape into the air, water and soil from poorly handled waste. Then, they can enter the food chain and cause severe problems for both animals and humans. Also, uncontrolled disposal of waste can lead to contamination and development of germs and pathogens in soil, water, and air, causing harmful effects on the environment and on the health of living organisms.


Improvement of Life Quality

Proper recycling helps create a clean and healthy environment for the present and the future. Health is an integral component of a good quality of life, and a clean environment is an essential prerequisite for health.


Saving raw materials and energy

Recycling helps save raw materials. Therefore, we do not need to cut new trees for paper production or re-extract minerals like bauxite for aluminum production.

Spyrou Skopelos Experience and Protection of the Environment


Spyrou Skopelos Experience has been working to improve recycling procedures in recent years. Above all, we aim at individual and corporate action, fostering a culture of sustainable development in Skopelos. We start with proper training of our staff and then we empower the local community with messages of awareness and handy tips. Our group is a founding member of the environmental volunteers’ team Skopelos Green Clean.


What are the initiatives on recycling that Spyrou Skopelos Experience has implemented?


-Replacement of all incandescent bulbs with new economy or LED bulbs.

-Cooking oil recycling in all accommodations.

-Battery recycling and installation of battery recycling bins

-Reduction of detergent and energy through regulated change of linens. For Travel Agents, linens are changed according to contracts.

-Replacement of all amenities in plastic bottles with family-sized dispensers. This reduced the plastic waste at Rigas Hotel Skopelos by 98 kg or 9875 bottles.

-Installation of toilet paper dispensers at Rigas Skopelos Hotel.

-Replacement of disposable plastic utensils with melamine ones.

-Recycling of all glass packages.

What are the group’s recycling targets for 2020?


-Replacement of plastic glasses with multi-purpose glasses (polycarbonate).

-Replacement of disposable plastic straws with eco-friendly straws.

-Reduction of the use of black plastic bags. Removal of the second plastic bag from the room basket.

-Better separation of organic and non-organic kitchen waste and appropriate disposal.

-Installation of recycling bins (paper, glass, metal) in public places.

-Placement of recycling bins for plastic caps and lids

-Installation of a recycling bin for burnt out light bulbs by Φωτοκύκλωση SA

-Reduce A4 printing paper by implementing digitization programs.


It is our duty to protect the environment in every way possible. Therefore, we as a group, make our own contribution to it.