Over the past few years, Skopelos has seen a steady increase in its popularity, mainly among alternative travelers looking for quality, natural beauty, and a strong local element in their vacation. Without a doubt, Skopelos managed to stand against mass tourism development and today remains an authentic Greek destination.

Indeed, its picturesque villages, unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, lush mountains, and its characteristic cultural and religious monuments, such as the magnificent chapel of Agios Ioannis in Kastri, compose a unique landscape among the Greek islands.

The new travel reality

The world has already entered a new era in the way we travel. Quality, sustainability, and authenticity emerge in the place of traditional mass tourism. This modern travel trend has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has radically changed our daily lives and travel experience. As things return to normal, people will look for authentic and safe getaway destinations.

In a recent article, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph picked the 10 ideal Greek islands to visit this summer, as the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program progresses. The columnist admits that Greece has a wide variety of alternative travel options, especially at a time when destinations away from large crowds are in demand. Of course, Skopelos could not be missing from this list, among islands such as Symi and Tilos.

Skopelos, a covid-free Greek destination

It is not simply the exceptional natural beauty of the island that makes it the perfect destination for this summer. The Municipality of Skopelos contributes significantly to the proper preparation of the island before the summer period and takes the appropriate initiatives to protect its most important asset – its people.

In addition to the nationwide vaccination program for citizens over 60 years of age, Skopelos allows all permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 59 to be vaccinated. The goal of the Municipality of Skopelos is to have full immunization of the island’s population against COVID-19 before the start of this year’s tourist season.

According to the mayor of Skopelos Mr. Stamatis Perissis, Skopelos is still a Covid -free island and is considered one of the top destinations in Thessaly with the fewest cases thanks to the constant struggle of institutions, authorities, and its citizens.