Free Car Rentals in Skopelos

Stay with us. Spend less. Enjoy more.

Explore our green island with ease and comfort


Is it time to arrange your summer vacation in Skopelos?


 A car will surely allow you to explore the entire island and discover its unique beaches with greater ease and comfort. Create your own schedule and move around whenever you want, without being bound by local public transport. However, if you are one of those who get into the dilemma of renting or bringing their car together, then we have the ideal solution.


“Spyrou Skopelos Experience” gives you the opportunity of Free Car Rentals in Skopelos for 4 days, by making a reservation at any of its hotels on the island.


The offer is valid for all direct reservations through our website or via email at bookings [at] or by phone at +30 210 6919 111 and for a minimum stay of 4 nights in any room type.


The offer is valid for the following periods: 

22/05/2021 -30/06/2021

01/09/2021 – 30/09/2021

Do you have a reservation for more than 4 nights?


For bookings of 5 nights or more, our guests benefit from the preferential price of € 15.00 per day to extend beyond the first 4 free days of rental.

Free Unlimited Miles

Drive without restrictions. The rental covers unlimited miles from the first day of rental.

Costless Car Solution

Avoid the cost of transporting or renting a car and reduce your travel expenses.

Greater comfort in Skopelos

Create your own schedule and explore the beaches, villages and countless attractions of the island with comfort.

Terms and Conditions

 Car: Refers to a GROUP A car such as SUZUKI ALTO or similar.

Driver: The minimum age is 21 years for a B type driving license. The driver must hold a driving license for at least 1 year. Only drivers listed in the contract are allowed to drive the car. Citizens of non-EU countries are required to have an international driving license, which must be accompanied by the license issued in their country of residence.

Insurance Policy: The insurance fully covers the cost of damages to third-party vehicles. It is possible to upgrade to a comprehensive car insurance policy, the cost of which depends on the available car rental provider.

Guarantee Policy: “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” works together with multiple car rental providers that apply various guarantee policies. For your convenience, we always prioritize partners with the most flexible guarantee policies. However, the choice of car rental provider depends on availability. Once we confirm the available partners, we can inform you about their guarantee policy. The amount of the guarantee can be paid with a credit card, debit card or cash.

Vehicle Pick-up: The vehicle is picked up from the offices of the rental provider, in Skopelos Town.

Car return: The vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of the offices of the rental provider in Skopelos Town, on the day and time indicated in the rental agreement.

For reservations and more information on the free car rental options in Skopelos please contact us at +30 210 6919111 or at bookings[at]