Skopelos island is famous for its cultural heritage as well as its history. In the long journey back to the history and tradition, the museums of Skopelos are significant cradles of culture!

The Folklore Museum of Glossa in Skopelos

Located in the center of the famous, historic and stunning village of Glossa, the Folklore Museum of Glossa Skopelos has been operating since 2002. More specifically, the museum is located above the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is a two-story house that has been transformed to a museum, maintaining the traditional decoration and architecture of the island.

Folklore Museum of Skopelos Glossa

Folklore Museum of Skopelos Glossa |

In the Folklore Museum of Glossa, the visitor will have the opportunity to see the traditional costumes of the island, authentic traditional furniture as well as household items. Moreover, one will also have the chance to learn about the interior layout and decoration that used to characterize the typical traditional houses of the village as well as many facts concerning the culture of the island. 

The Folklore Museum of Glossa Skopelos is open both in the morning and in the afternoon, during the summer season. However, it is recommended you confirm it at your hotel’s reception.


The museum invites you to a unique journey into the tradition!