Museums, mansions and traditional houses “unlock” different aspects and eras of the rich history of Skopelos island. The Folklore Museum in Skopelos Town is indeed a cultural treasure of the island.

Folklore Museum of Skopelos Town (Chora)

The Folklore Museum of Skopelos Town (Chora) is housed in an old mansion, built in 1795 and remodeled in 1971 as it was declared a listed building. The mansion retained the interior and exterior structural and decorative elements of the traditional style of the settlement even after being remodeled.

In 1991, the building was donated to the Municipality of Skopelos by the Nikolaides family. Therefore, in August 1992, the Folklore Museum inaugurated its opening thus giving life to the old mansion once again.

The collections of the Folklore Museum of Skopelos Town include a series of images, precious traditional hand-made embroideries, paintings, ceramics, monochrome photographs, traditional costumes, tools, wooden furniture, etc. Most of the exhibits are donations from the residents of the island, as well as from the Nikolaides family. With great emotion, elderly women opened their chests and generously offered all this treasure.

Today, the Folklore Museum often organizes events and various educational activities. Therefore, if you ever visit Skopelos, it is worth visiting this place and admire its unique collections. It is located very close to the OTE’s building. Please check with your hotel’s reception for the opening hours.