Skopelos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea, with wondrous natural landscapes, vast green and picturesque paths. It offers an organized, mapped and operating system of paths of many kilometers, with signage and kiosks for rest. So, “Modern Trail Runners” decided to organize the first annual Mountain Race in Skopelos on 5th of September 2021.

Skopelos: The great victory of the runner Agnontas in the Ancient Olympic Games

Agnontas (or Agnon) was a citizen of ancient Skopelos and his personality played a crucial role in the decision of Skopelos to organize the race of Modern Trail Runners. He was an athlete of Skopelos who emerged as winner during the Olympic Games Race in 569 B.C. In honor of him, the ancients depicted his face on coins while nowadays, a bay with a little port has been named after him.

Skopelos: Mountain Race of 21 kilometers

This specific Mountain Race in Skopelos may transfer one deep to the heart of the second highest peak of the island. The mountain Palouki is located on a height of 546 meters above the sea level. The runners will meet landscapes including monasteries and olive groves, natural springs and a vast blue horizon, sceneries that undoubtedly take one’s breath away.

There are several attractive steep ascents and fantastic slopes for experienced runners who enjoy the adrenaline of speed. The trails on Skopelos have been chosen wisely and for the primary purpose of the safety of competitors and the organizers. The race is open for participation for people over 18 years old.

Skopelos: The 1st Trail Race |

Skopelos: The 1st Trail Race |

Skopelos:  Urban Race of 5 kilometers

A significant trail for competitors of any level. The starting point of the race is the historical location of the old port, running through labyrinthine and narrow passages, passing the white houses and the old chapels thanks to which Chora Skopelos is broadly known, combined with the amazing view that every corner and alley offers. This race is open for participation for people over 12 years old.

 Skopelos: Race of 1,5 kilometers

The race of 1,5 kilometers in Skopelos is open for participation for 6 to 9-year-old children. The organizers’ purpose is to encourage children to love the sports from an early age and to adopt and develop team spirit through this race. Last but not least, the children are going to have fun to the fullest, participating with their families and friends, something that is certainly precious.


Spyrou Skopelos Experienceis one of the most notable sponsors of “Skopelos Trail Race 2021” which is going to take place in Chora Skopelos on 5th of September, 2021. Skopelos is still preserving the authentic characteristics of the Greek traditional island life. The vision is to consistently create an annual sports entertainment event that will be an integral part of Skopelos’ cultural calendar.