Spyrou Skopelos Experience strengthens its Environmental Policy and announces its partnership with Go Green Recycling

In accordance with the needs of Skopelos, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” makes a significant effort to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, constantly improving its practices for waste minimization and energy saving.

True to this goal, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” announces its partnership with “Go Green Recycling” for all its hotels on the island. “Go Green Recycling” has been active on the island of Skopelos since 2015. The company has a network of collection and transportation of recyclable waste and the know-how for its optimal management.

This cooperation strengthens the Environmental Policy of “Spyrou Skopelos Experience”, which covers all the activities of its hotels. Key points of this policy are the gradual replacement of all disposable plastics, the expansion of the available recycling options (paper, glass, metal, frying oil, organic waste, burned-out bulbs, batteries and old electronic devices), the reduction of printed paper by digitalizing hotel procedures and the installation of energy saving systems.

A typical solid waste management example was the recent renovation of some “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” facilities. The aggregates and rubble were recycled with internal procedures for landscaping the outdoor spaces in its accommodations.

In its effort, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” invites all residents, businessmen and visitors of Skopelos to protect the unique nature of the island and to contribute to a milder environmental footprint during their stay.


Help us protect the environment!