The Institute of Vision (Orasis in Greek) Acupuncture, staffed by an experienced medical team, is also a member of the small Group. The Institute is an important pioneer in alternative therapies. Medical Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating several incurable eye diseases and their symptoms.

How was the Orasis Acupuncture Institute created?

Its inspirer and creator is Mr. Vassilis Spyrou, himself suffering from Stargardt’s disease. He experienced the gradual loss of his vision at the age of 19. After a costly journey of 25 years in several clinics and hospitals abroad, he blocked the path to total blindness through acupuncture and electroacupuncture. Having undergone treatments in two foreign countries, he is currently continuing his acupuncture therapies at the Orasis Acupuncture Institute (Athens – Greece), with the ultimate goal of fully restoring his vision.

His contentment is connected with the curing of every patient who loses the beauty of the world from his gaze and as it happened to him, hope should never be abandoned!

What is the Orasis Acupuncture Institute?

Orasis (Vision) Acupuncture Institute is the first specialized center for eye acupuncture in Greece and one of the very few on a worldwide basis.

The treatment and final cure of ophthalmic diseases through acupuncture is our main goal, especially in cases where classical Western medicine cannot offer further help. The establishment of the Center was based on our unique and strictly personal initial motivation, thus the purpose of its operation is above all humanitarian. We perceive our presence responsibly and sensitively, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, having experienced the problem ourselves.

We are committed to safeguard the health and improve the quality of life of our patients. Social support has always been a top priority for us and this is combined with our understanding of the fellow-patient as our companion in the journey to treatment.

Where is the Orasis Acupuncture Institute located?

The medical team and the administrative personnel at the Orasis Acupuncture Institute are always at your disposal to answer any questions regarding the support of acupuncture in eyesight improvement and to inform you in details about the Orasis Acupuncture Institute.

Our Institute is located in the heart of Athens and is housed in an elegant and specially designed area, on the 5th floor of the Cosmos Center, offices 536, 537 and 538 at 125-127 Kifissias Avenue (Ampelokipi district). It is served by several bus lines, the trolley bus and the line 3 of the Athens Metro (“PANORMOU” Metro Station). In our building there is an underground parking (fee).

Is Acupuncture Effective On Ophthalmic Problems?

The vision and the experience we want to convey is the driving force for achieving the goals of the Orasis Acupuncture Institute. Our vision is to communicate the use and effectiveness of acupuncture to visually impaired populations and to improve the quality of life of our fellow humans. This becomes a reality through our specialized and strictly personalized acupuncture protocols.

The improved vision of our patients will make them productive on a personal, professional and social level. Whenever a parent with severe vision problems manages to see his child’s smile again clearly, then and only then we will feel our vision becoming true.

Is Acupuncture the Solution to Vision Problems?

Our core values   embrace the care and the respect for the human life. Our effort for continuous improvement of the quality of life of our patients derives from life itself, the experience and the daily life of the founder of the ORASIS Acupuncture Center, Mr. Vasileios Spyrou. The experience of the disease against which has been battling for nearly 3 decades now, and the solution he has found in recent years through medical acupuncture and electro acupuncture are our driving force.

The provision of high level health care to our patients individually and his/her treatment from a holistic perspective are our main priorities. The latter, being in total harmony with Chinese Medicine’s general philosophy. Orasis Acupuncture Institute has set as its primary goal to assist the patient with specific vision disorders.

The training and the continuous education of our scientific personnel (medical doctors), as well as of our partners, paves the way for the fulfillment of our vision. Working consistently, methodically and persistently on a daily basis, we try to lay a foundation stone in scientifically valid, effective and alternative methods of treating incurable vision problems.