Skopelos is a unique place. Its climate and landscape make it ideal for cultivating a wide range of fruits and vegetables, such as plums, chestnuts, lemon trees and almond trees. Residents and local producers are proud of the rich tradition of the island and the excellent quality of their products.


Skopelos Glossa Women’s Agricultural Association


Founded in 1999 by a team of 24 local women, it aims to create and promote locally-sourced delicacies. Today they continue their great effort with joy and love for their island, offering unique flavors to every visitor. The association preserves the island’s culinary tradition by preparing the famous chamalia, rozedes and jams, wine-based products such as Mustalevria pudding, must and grape syrup, as well as delicious cheese pies and pastries.


Plums of Skopelos


Of course, the island is famous for its plums, which fall into two categories, one sweet and one slightly sour. In terms of characteristics, Skopelos prunes contain about 7.0 g of fiber per 100 g. Plums are high in sorbitol, which appears to be responsible for their laxative effect. Yellow plums are the main ingredient of the traditional sweet “Avgato”, which is Skopelos’ most famous dessert.


Olives and olive oil of Skopelos


Most olives are harvested from November until January. The island has two oil presses and the olive oil they produce is of excellent quality. Occasional guided tours take place from time to time so that the visitors can get to know the whole process of oil production.


The honey of Skopelos


Skopelos honey is of excellent quality, with unique taste and distinctive color. The most famous honey on the island is the one produced by the Stamati family with a long tradition since 1953.


Skopelos Soap


Skopelitans have been producing traditional soaps since old times. One of the well-known families dedicated to the production of soaps is the Gripioti family, which produces them with love in the family workshop and promotes them both in Greece and abroad (America, Australia, China , Belgium, etc.).


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