Chora Skopelos

Skopelos Town, also known as Chora, is located on the east side of the island. In 1978 it was designated by Presidential Decree as a traditional settlement, mainly due to its architecture, which is influenced by various Greek architectural styles.

Chora is built amphitheatrically and extends from the Venetian castle of the 13th century (castle of Gyzi) to the Port. From this point visitors can admire an impressive sunrise. In contrast to the quiet neighborhoods located in the hills of Chora, the port and the town’s waterfront are always busy and vibrant. See more here 

Two of our hotels, Rigas Hotel Skopelos and Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa are located in Skopelos Town (Chora).

Glossa Skopelos

Glossa is situated on the northwest side of the island. Along with its neighboring settlements – Loutraki and Machalas – Glossa is the second-largest settlement on the island of Skopelos, with about 750 permanent residents. It is argued that its name is an altered form of the ancient city Knossos, which was founded by Minoan Cretans.

Glossa is 32 km away from Chora Skopelos and is built on a hill above the port of Loutraki, at an altitude of about 300 meters, with wonderful views over the sea. This is why Glossa has been described in the past as the “balcony of the Aegean”. The houses surround the mountain and go down the hill, overlooking Skiathos and Northern Evia island (Euboea). The Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis mentions it as the “high village” in his novel “La Nostalgia“. See more here

Loutraki Skopelos

Loutraki is part of the settlement of Glossa and is the second-largest port of Skopelos island. Ships from Skiathos, Volos, Mantoudi, Evia and Agios Constantinos make a stop here first. The settlement is built around the port and has hotels, taverns, cafes and bars.

Loutraki is the ancient city of Selinous, which was founded by Chalcidians (Euboea) during the 8th century BC. Only a part of the ancient city’s southeastern walls survives to date, as well as some ruins of an ancient building. On the southeastern side of Loutraki, there are ruins of the Roman Baths, to which Loutraki owes its name (Loutra means hot springs in Greek). Loutraki is a 45-minute drive from Skopelos Town (Chora).

Villages of Skopelos Island

Neo Klima Skopelos

The village of Neo Klima, also known as Elios, is located by the sea front at the foot of Mount Delphi. There is a beach along the village, partly with pebbles and partly with sand. Its most famous beach is Hovolo.

With newly built houses, a picturesque harbor, beautiful beaches and a lush forest, Neo Klima is an ideal destination for quiet and relaxing holidays. It is a 10-minute drive from Glossa and a 25-minute drive from Skopelos Chora.

Our Elios Holidays Hotel is located in Neo Klima, on the edge of its wonderful pine forest.

Paleo Klima Skopelos

Paleo Klima is a old picturesque village of Skopelos. It is located on the northwestern part of the island between Neo Klima-Elios and Glossa. The old stone houses are built amphitheatrically on the mountain and overlook the Aegean Sea. Until 1950, the village was divided into two parts. The lower part is older than the upper one. It was founded, according to sources, in the 18th century by inhabitants of Glossa.

A large earthquake struck the village in 1965 resulting in severe damage from continuous landslides. Thus, the inhabitants of Paleo Klima moved to Neo Klima – Elios and Loutraki.

Agnontas Skopelos

Agnontas is a picturesque, pine-covered fishing small village that is located 8km away from Chora and 22.5km from Glossa. Visitors can enjoy fresh fish and seafood at its traditional fish taverns. Next to Agnontas, you will find the rock of Amarantos with the characteristic pines that tilt over the sea.

The village was named after the Olympic champion Agnontas. In 569 BC the runner Agnontas won the road race and disembarked from his ship at this point. To honor him, the locals gave his name to the area and his face is depicted on a silver coin of the Hellenic classical era, while in the port, you will also see a statue of him. Passenger ships moor in the sheltered harbor during adverse weather conditions.

Settlements of Skopelos Island

Panormos Skopelos

Panormos was one of the three ancient fortified cities of Skopelos island. At the top of the hill called Paleokastro (the old castle), there are ruins from the walls of the ancient city in good condition. From Paleokastro, there is a path that leads to the cave of the mythical god Pan, the god of the forests, plains and fields. It is the only known worship place of god Pan on the island.

Panormos is one of the most beautiful and windless bays of Skopelos. The beach is 600m long. This is probably the only beach on Skopelos that has crystal clear blue waters, due to the great depth of them. It is about 12.5 km from both Glossa and Skopelos Town.


Any place of Skopelos you may choose to visit, you will be enchanted by the green landscape with the endless blue-green sea. Skopelos is an ideal destination for those who love the sun, the crystal-clear sea, the green nature, the outdoor activities and the good food.

See you soon!