Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in Greece, a green dot in the middle of the Aegean that impresses its visitors with the richness of its nature and the dense forests that cover almost 80% of its surface. For this reason, it has been officially declared a “green and blue island” by the Biopolitics International Organization.

What is the climate of Skopelos?

The climate of Skopelos is Mediterranean, with dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The average annual temperature is 20 ° C, while the average annual rainfall is 749 mm.

How is the weather in Skopelos in spring and summer?

In early spring, cold fronts moving down from the Balkans create strong north-northeast winds. In late spring and early summer (May – June), the winds are generally weak. In the afternoon, local auras blow, while from the middle of summer in July and August, the Meltemia winds begin to blow. The Meltemia are strong, seasonal, northeast winds. They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night. 

The summer in Skopelos is dry and warm. However, due to the dense forests of the island, the heat is bearable. A few showers are not uncommon in the summer. But don’t get let down; they are very short and cool off the heat of the summer. The rainfall in the summer does not exceed 11mm.

The hottest months in Skopelos are considered to be July and August, with the first being also the driest month of the year. In July the average maximum daily temperature in Skopelos is 33 ℃ while the average minimum is 20 ℃. On very hot days, the temperature can reach up to 41 ℃.

March April May  
High Average 17℃ 20℃ 23℃
Low Average 12℃ 14℃ 17℃


June July August  
High Average 27℃ 29℃ 29℃
Low Average 22℃ 24℃ 25℃

Winter and Autumn in Skopelos

Autumn in Skopelos is cool and the temperature does not exceed 27 ℃. From September to October, the Meltemia winds gradually weaken. Towards the end of autumn, the first cold northern winds are a herald of winter.

The winter in Skopelos is mild and rainy. December and January are considered the wettest months, while the second is the coldest. In January the average daily temperature is 12 ℃ while on cold nights it can even fall below 0 ℃. It rarely snows in Skopelos. But when that happens, it’s pretty spectacular, with the snow covering the beaches and reaching up to the shore.

September October November
High Average 27℃ 21℃ 19℃
Low Average 22℃ 17℃ 14℃


December January February
High Average 15℃ 13℃ 16℃
Low Average 10℃ 8℃ 11℃

What to consider about the winds in Skopelos?

The weather in Skopelos often affects the ports of Skopelos Town (Chora). When it blows from the north or with the afternoon auras, the port of Chora is affected, while the other ports and the mooring bays in the southern and western parts of the island are not affected. The south winds do not affect the port of Chora, but create problems at the entrance of Agnontas and Stafylos. Also, on August nights when the Meltemia winds blow, sweaters are sometimes necessary. It is certain that both the winds and the safe seas are ideal for sailing.

At any rate, the Skopelos weather is just as wonderful as the rest of Greece. Whatever season you visit the island you will have a great time and it will enchant you!