Skopelos island has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea. Crystal-clear turquoise waters with pine-trees ending just before the sea, captivate every visitor. Its shores are sandy and/or with small pebbles, while there are beaches reachable solely with hiking or boat.

You will find some of them below.

Skopelos – Spilia Beach

Descending towards Saint John at Kastri, you can see from the top the small but alluring Spilia beach. It is located in a small intact bay. Several scenes of the successful Hollywood and Universal Studios movie “Mamma Mia” were filmed at Saint John of Kastri. Therefore, the chapel and the surrounding beaches have become particularly famous destinations since then.

Spilia beach of Skopelos with its crystal-clear waters and the unlimited view of Aegean Sea is going to fascinate you. You can reach it with a sailing or private boat. Alternatively, you may go there following the unmade road, starting from the chapel of Panagia. On the first right unmade road, you’ll find the path that leads to the beach.

Skopelos – Sarres Beach

On the northeast side of the island, and very close to Chora of Skopelos, you may find the magical pebbly beach Sarres, reachable only with boat, due to its particular morphological relief. The prevailing feature of this region is the imposing cave through which the beach passes and extends to the other side.

Sarres beach has small pebbles with fine sand and really deep waters. Before visiting it, it is advisable to check the weather forecast. You should watch out the sudden bursts of wind or rain, and if you see the sky in the summer getting black or cloudy, it is recommended you come back to Chora of Skopelos, as soon as possible.

Skopelos – Mayraki Beach |

Skopelos – Mayraki Beach |

Skopelos – Mayraki Beach

The spectacular Mayraki beach in Skopelos is also located on the northeast side of the island. More specifically, it is located between the Saint John beach and Pethameni beach. It is featured by its turquoise waters, its white and green pebbles, while the rocks make the landscape really captivating. Mayraki beach is also accessible solely from the sea and you should be aware that it is very difficult to reach it with boat in case of north wind.

Skopelos – Chlia Stefani Beach

The Chlia Stefani beach is located along the northern coastline of Skopelos, between the Saint John beach and Glysteri. It is a remote intact beach. Going there, you will meet alluring crystal waters, white pebbles, small rocks and pine-trees reaching the coastline. The landscape will undoubtedly calm you down.

Skopelos – Megalo Pefko Beach

One of the most amazing beaches of Skopelos, surrounded by virgin pine forest, with the roots many times springing from the sea, is the Megalo Pefko beach. It is a peaceful remote beach due to the difficult accessibility. It is located between Neo Klima – Elios, Hovolo and the Kastani beach. If you wish to visit this beach, you should either swim towards there or use a kayak or a boat.

Skopelos - Beaches |

Skopelos – Beaches |

Skopelos – Ekatopenintari Beach – Ftelia or Neraki Beach

Ekatopenintari beach and Ftelia beach are located near Hovolo beach, in the village of Neo Klima – Elios, besides the huge rock. Both beaches are characterized by the pine trees reaching the sea. The crystal-clear, light blue and remote sea, without any installations but solely with sand and pebbles, waits you to explore the beach only from the sea.  The Ftelia beach (or Neraki) can be reached only with boat from Panormo or swimming from Hovolo beach.


Whichever beach you choose on the lush island of Skopelos, it’s absolutely certain that it is going to enchant you. In case you do not have your own boat, you can rent one in Skopelos and discover the exotic beaches of the island which are accessible only from the sea. Of course, “Spyrou Skopelos Experiene” has committed cooperation with activity providers on the island and can help you with the procedure of renting a motorboat. Do not hesitate to contact with us!

Last but not least, a warm request to all visitors. Please take care of the hard-to-reach and remote beaches as it is impossible for the cleaning services to have access there. Our behavior must be driven by ecological awareness and environmental sensitivity.