Summer means to relax, to be there for yourself and for the pleasures of life, to live more freely. Especially this summer we were all expecting more. After a difficult period, going through unprecedented situations, it was time for relaxation and endless dips in the sea. But the virus did not go away.

Health: The most precious asset of one’s life

Greece was able to limit the spread of COVID-19 early on. Lockdown measures were taken on March 23rd, much earlier than many European countries. The result was that the infection and mortality rates in Greece were low. Now that almost everything has steadily returned to normal, we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and do everything we can to completely stop the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, for Spyrou Skopelos Experience the health and safety of our staff, guests and local community is a top priority.

“Health First” Certification

In order to avoid an increase in cases, hotels and accommodations operating in 2020 are required to receive the Health First certification. On the basis of the Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministry of Health and Tourism (KYA) 1881/29.5.2020 (Government Gazette B’2084/2020) hotels will apply the Special Health Protocol in accordance with the instructions of the National Public Health Organization (EODY) and the Ministry of Tourism for the protection of public health against COVID-19. The certification must be displayed in a prominent position in the reception area in order to confirm that the hotel complies with the national health protocols.

Protection and Hygiene Measures

In the JMC there is an extensive report of the protection and hygiene measures, providing for the following:

a) Personal Protective Equipment: mask and disposable gloves. Especially for the reception staff a face mask / shield may be used.

b) Basic measures to prevent COVID19 transmission: hand hygiene, use of sanitizers, avoiding handshakes, keeping physical distance, avoiding touching the face with the hands and generally following personal and respiratory hygiene measures.

c) COVID-19 case management: If a guest shows symptoms associated with COVID infection, the doctor with whom the accommodation is partnering up is called in to assess the case.

d) Incident book – COVID-19: a book that records the incidents related to the prevention or treatment of a possible case

e) Hotel Staff: all the employees, including those who carry out an internship.

Health First Certification in Skopelos

Rigas Hotel Skopelos is one of the first hotels in Greece, and the first in Skopelos, to receive the Health First certification by the Hotel Chamber of Greece. At the same time, on July 1st, Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa opened in Skopelos Town. Both hotels have been certified with the Health First Certification.


Your safety is our priority