Have you booked your vacation in Skopelos? Are you looking for unique spots, ideal for photoshooting? We are here for you! In this blog post you will find all information you need about the most Instagrammable spots in Skopelos that surely deserve a place on your Instagram feed. These amazing photographs, uploaded on your Instagramm, are going to make your followers be jealous!

Skopelos - Panagitsa of Pyrgos| skopeloshotel.eu

Skopelos – Panagitsa of Pyrgos| skopeloshotel.eu

Skopelos: Panagitsa of Pyrgos (Church)

The church of “The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary” –otherwise, Panagitsa of Pyrgos– is the church that one is going to notice before entering to the port of Chora Skopelos.  It is located on the imposing rock at the end of the port of Chora. It is a whitewashed picturesque church whose iconostasis* is dated back in the 17th century. Inside the church, there are also icons of the 18th and 19th century as well as a large one collected from the sea.

Panagitsa of Pyrgos in Skopelos is located at a beautiful area with exceptional views, suitable for amphitheatrical photographs. The access is relatively easy. Starting from the beach road, you will need to walk up a few steps, something that will take just a few minutes. On your way up, you enjoy the magical view of the Aegean Sea on the one hand and the Chora of Skopelos on the other. Next to the church, there is a picturesque chapel devoted to All Saints.

*Iconostasis: a wall of icons & religious paintings separating the nave from the sanctuary

Skopelos - Saint John at Kastri | skopeloshotel.eu

Skopelos – Saint John at Kastri | skopeloshotel.eu

Skopelos: Saint John at Kastri (or  Ai Yiannis at Kastri)

Saint John at Kastri is a landmark that no one should miss when visiting Skopelos. It is a small church on the top of a rock where everyone seeks to photograph and be photographed. This picturesque chapel became broadly known due to the wedding scene of the very famous Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia”.

Just before you arrive at the beautiful village of Glossa in Skopelos, on your right hand, you will see the road which leads to Saint John, being at a distance of approximately 30 km. from Chora of Skopelos. To reach at the top of the rock, you will have to walk up approximately 110 stairs carved in the rock. Do not hesitate visiting it, because the astonishing views from up there will definitely reward you! According to the tradition, a fisherman had once found there the icon of Saint John the Prodromos.

Skopelos - Kastani Beach | skopeloshotel.eu

Skopelos – Kastani Beach | skopeloshotel.eu

Kastani Beach in Skopelos

Kastani beach is one of the most famous beaches of Skopelos. It is located one kilometre northern from Milia and 21 km. from Chora, while the access by car is pretty easy. The beach became famous due to the “Mamma Mia” movie. The scenes during which Sophie and Sky are singing in love and the one where the couple says goodbye to Donna and Sophie’s dads are filmed there.

Once you visit Kastani beach, you will get in love with its magical scenery. It is a beach with sand and small pebbles around the coast, with pines reaching the sea and blue waters that you are going to adore. Kastani beach perfectly combines a really gorgeous natural landscape with all the modern amenities because of the operation of the organized beach bar. (See more about the beaches of Skopelos).

Skopelos - Amarantos | skopeloshotels.eu

Skopelos – Amarantos | skopeloshotels.eu

Skopelos: Amarantos 

In Skopelos, leaving the beaches of Stafylos and Velanios, just before you arrive at Agnontas, on your left hand side, you will see a dirt road that leads to Amarantos. It is a rocky little cape that, along with Saint John at Kastri, has been the symbol of Skopelos. Take a photograph there and you will, without a doubt, impress everyone. This spot is certainly one of the most popular places on Instagram. Actually, the last few years, it is an attraction for many soon-to-be-married couples and it often hosts romantic marriages.

The two pines on the big rock, curved toward the sea, are characteristic for Amarantos. The citizens of the island refer to the beach as the “pool”, not only for its blue waters, but also for the tranquility that almost always prevails here. Those who are going to choose it will not observe a common sandy beach, but small consecutive coves, ideal for swimming, diving and fishing.

Skopelos - Lighthouse Gourouni | skopeloshotels.eu

Skopelos – Lighthouse Gourouni | skopeloshotels.eu

Skopelos – The lighthouse Gourouni

Leaving by boat Loutraki – Glossa with direction towards to the main port of Skopelos (Chora), up on a green slope, we meet the lighthouse Gourouni. It was constructed in the 1889 by the Greek State, according to the date shown on the lighting machine. The tower of the lighthouse is square, stone-built and at the height of 14 meters. Three white flashes per 30 seconds make up the feature of the lighthouse and the luminescence reaches 20 nautical miles.

At the beginning, the lighthouse had been functioning with oil, while during the years of the German Occupation, it remained switched off. It began re-functioning in 1944 while in 1984 it was electrified and kept functioning under supervision until 1989 when it became automated. In 1996, it was announced by the Ministry of Culture as a Historical Preserved Monument. The lighthouse Gourouni in Skopelos has a 10-km distance from Glossa and it looms over the slope of the mountain. Everyone who visits it gets impressed by the location and the view of the vast blue that it offers.