Skopelos Island is one of the three biggest islands of the Northern Sporades, located between the islands of Skiathos and Alonnisos. It may give you the most peaceful vacation, with crystal-clear sea waters and alluring beaches that you’ve always dreamed of. 


What to see in Skopelos

Museums of Skopelos

Museums, mansions, and traditional houses “unlock” various aspects and eras of the rich history of Skopelos. The representation of history contributes to the preservation of its special and unique cultural identity. In 1978, the town of Skopelos, also known as Chora was declared Traditional Settlement of Exceptional Beauty by Presidential Decree due to its unique architectural heritage. For that reason, there are several restrictions for constructing and renovating buildings inside the settlement. (Read More)

The chapel of St. John in Kastri

The chapel of Saint John in Kastri is a landmark that no visitor should miss when they visit Skopelos. The picturesque chapel became famous from the wedding scene of the movie Mamma Mia. Before you arrive at the beautiful village of Glossa, on your right hand side you will see the asphalt road that leads to the chapel, which is located on top of a rock, with approximately 110 stairs, carved in the stone. Do not think it twice! The beautiful, panoramic view from the top will reward you! 

The Asclepeion of Skopelos (Chora)

In ancient Greece, Asclepeions were healing temples, dedicated to Asclepius, the first doctor-demigod in Greek mythology. The Asclepeion of Skopelos is one of the oldest in the Aegean Sea. Recent excavations have revealed plenty of archeological discoveries, which are on display within the site.  

Sendoukia Pirates Graves

Sendoukia (greek for treasure chests) are ancient pirate graves, carved in stone. They are among the most unusual and enigmatic landmarks of Skopelos. Located on a cliff at the mountain of Karya, they are in one of the highest points on the island. Legend has it that Sendoukia hide ancient secrets and treasures. 

Skopelos Town (Chora)

Known as Chora in Greek, it is located in the eastern side of the island. Walk its uphill cobbled paths and discover peaceful small squares on the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and the walls of the Venetian Castle of Gyzi dating from the 13th century. Go down to the ever-bustling harbor and enjoy great food in the local taverns or have a refreshing cocktail in charming bars with lounge music.

The village of Glossa

Located on the northwest side of Skopelos, it is the most spectacular village on the island. Along with its neighboring settlements Loutraki and Machalas, Glossa is the second biggest village of Skopelos island. Built on a hill over the port of Loutraki, Glossa has been given the name Balcony of Skopelos for its spectacular views of Skiathos island, Mount Pelion, and the Aegean Sea. 

What to do in Skopelos

Skopelos is one of the most distinctive islands of Aegean Sea, with beautiful natural landscapes, unique beaches, endless greenery, and picturesque pathways.  If you love hiking and cycling, there are many interesting trails on the island, which in recent years, have become even more accessible. Skopelos has an organized, mapped, and functional system of trails of several kilometers with good signage and kiosks for rest. 

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of the sea, the underwater world of the Sporades islands  hides incomparable beauty. You can explore secluded beaches and sea caves by sea kayak. Also, diving and snorkeling in Skopelos is a unique life experience and an amazing way to discover the impressive seabed of the island and the National Marine Park of Alonissos – Northern Sporades, the first marine park in Greece and the largest protected marine area in Europe. (Outdoor Activities In Skopelos)

Diving in the shipwreck “Christoforos” in Skopelos

Located in Panormos bay, the modern time shipwreck “Christoforos” is a pole of attraction for diving lovers. The ship “Christoforos” was built in January 1950 in Scotland and in 1976 it joined the Greek merchant fleet. The length of the ship was 85 meters while its width was about 13 meters. In October 1983, “Christoforos” departed from the port of Volos to Piraeus, with a haul of 2,600 tons of cement. Due to a sudden change of weather, the ship sank in the bay of Panormos. Almost 38 years later, “Christoforos” remains upright at the bottom of the sea. It is considered perhaps the most well-preserved shipwreck in Greece and is ideal for underwater visits. (Read More)

Where to stay in Skopelos

Skopelos island is ideal for those who love the sun, the turquoise sea waters, extended beaches, green nature, outdoor activities, traditions and authenticity, and good food. “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” owns and operates  4 hotels in Skopelos and has been working passionately for more than 40 years to offer an unforgettable stay experience on the island.

“Rigas Hotel Skopelos” is in Skopelos Town (Chora), just 400 meters from its picturesque port.  “Skopelos Holidays Hotel & Spa” is also by the Skopelos Town (Chora), offering modern facilities for a comfortable stay, while its “Emerald Spa & Wellness” provides an absolute experience of wellness and revitalization. 

Have a nice holiday in Skopelos!