Tourism celebrates on September 27th the World Tourism Day and Greece takes an active part in this great celebration. The date was defined by the World Tourism Organization in 1970 and the main target was to feature the economic, social and cultural contribution of tourism to the bliss and well-being of the international community.

This year, the World Tourism Day is dedicated to the without-exclusions recovery and development (“Tourism for Inclusive Growth”). The World Tourism Organization directs tourism to a sustainable development that includes the needs of any interested party- visitors, sectors, communities, entrepreneurs as well as the wider society.

World Tourism Day 2021

World Tourism Day 2021

The contribution of Tourism to humans

Thanks to Tourism, people have the chance to distance themselves from the routine for a while and be psychologically and mentally renewed, meeting at the same time new places and other people. Tourism lets them get in touch with a different way of life and culture, a crucial stimulus for broadening one’s mental horizons. As Homer had once mentioned, “Come to know the cities and minds of many people” (Od. A’ 3) while Miguel de Unamuno has written that “Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling”. The travelers returns home, feeling that they have experienced something totally new that enriched their mental and psychological world.

Tourism in Greece

Tourism in Greece has a long history that begins in the ancient era and continues up until nowadays, though having different characteristics. Herodotus, the father of history, belonged to the first tourists. The first period of time ends in the era of Industrial Revolution. At this time, people used to make long journeys around the world. The second period of time starts in the 19th century when groups of tourists gradually emerge. The third period of time in Greece begins in the 20th century and carries on up until now.

Tourism in contemporary Greece began blossoming out in the decades of 1960 and 1970 to what is known as mass tourism. During this period, large-scale construction projects for hotels and other similar facilities were carried out. Lastly, traveling to Greece has often educational and historical features.

Tourism and its trend towards the Environment

Unfortunately, through a variety of activities, tourism has adversely affected the natural environment to a great extent. This is due to the tourism having adopted a mass- industrialized form in the last few decades. The disadvantages of tourism can be direct or indirect, affecting either the present or the future and can be related to the local, peripheral or international natural environment. For this reason, there is now a tendency towards the sustainable tourism that is going to benefit both the environment and the sector itself.

“Rigas Hotel Skopelos” has been certified with the “Green Key” mark

“Rigas Hotel Skopelos” has been certified with the “Green Key” mark

Spyrou Skopelos Experience and our Environmental Policy

“Spyrou Skopelos Experience”, in accordance with the needs of Skopelos island, makes a significant effort to reduce the impacts of its activities on the environment, constantly improving its practices for conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and saving energy. Dedicated to this goal, our group cooperates with “Go Green Recycling” for all our hotels on the island (See more).

We are so proud that “Rigas Hotel Skopelos” has been certified with the “Green Key” mark. “Green Key” is an international award and quality label that certifies the provision of environmentally friendly services. Being awarded with the “Green Key” mark presupposes the continuous observance of the ecological criteria of the program, the sustainable method of operation and the conduct of the business’ activities in an ecologically responsible way. (See more)

Last but not least, in recent years, our small group has been making many efforts for improvement in the field of recycling. Our target is to take numerous actions in a personal and corporate level, cultivating a culture of sustainable development in Skopelos. Nowadays, Recycling is an essential for protecting the environment.


To conclude with, it is our duty to protect the natural environment, whatever it takes. Having this in mind, we will make our own effort, too.