Sailing in the Northern Sporades of Greece, with their verdant islands, turquoise beaches, crystal waters, picturesque villages and exceptional food, is a lifetime experience. Right before your eyes extends a vast green paradise with exotic sea shores and famous as well as remote beaches.

Sailing and Maritime Tourism on Skopelos island

Skopelos island is full of beaches, many of them being accessible solely from sea. One may rent a sailboat to explore the small bays and the natural ports while those who own a sailboat, they can anchor in the marinas of the island. The allies of the sailing excursions in Skopelos are the favorable winds as even the northern “meltemi” winds during the summer are milder and manageable compared to other Aegean islands.  Therefore, you can guide your sailboat to windy and beautiful, verdant bays.

Skopelos island has three organized marines: in Skopelos town (Chora), Neo Klima and Loutraki. They are all well-equipped, with numerable berths and can host sailboats of all sizes. The largest marina is the one in Chora of Skopelos, while the most recent is the one of Neo Klima. Furthermore, there are plenty of coves around the island, ideal for anchoring, such as Stafylos, Agnontas, Panormos and Limnonari.

Sailing in Skopelos island |

Sailing in Skopelos island |

Sailing Club of Skopelos island

The interest and love of Skopelian people for sailing also shines through the significant activity of the Sailing Club of Skopelos with its members always being willing to support and share with you the secrets of the sea.


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